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Ultrasonic Cross Cutter and Slitting Machine

Ultrasonic Cross Cutter and Slitting Machine
Model: WANLISP4-300K900L3500

This machine is used slicing and cutting cakes.


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Dimensions L3000 x W1400 x H1550mm
Weight Net Wt. 500KGS, Gross Wt.600KGS
Voltage 220V
Rated power 5000W
Frequency 50Hz-60Hz
Cutting speed Cross cutting 120 cuts/minute, slitting 45 cuts/minutes
Number of blades 4 (optional)
Blade materials Titanium Alloy
Blade size 300mm(optional)
Cut type Square, rectangular, slices
Maximum cutting size 600mmx600mm, height up to 100mm, if require higher, need to customize
Material of machine Stainless Steel
Automatic belt convey Yes
Convey speed 0-3000mm
Safety protection system Security door, frequency ultrasonic scan and fault indicator lamp
Control System Five-axis Control System
Cutting knife control Servo motor

• Solution for Slicing
• At first, we adapt 20pcs hobbing knives for slicing it into 24pcs square bar after that we will adapt 3pcs of 200mm ultrasonic knives for secondary across cutting.
• it is the fastest and most convenient type, the cutting cross section will be very tidy and uniform.