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JCG Marketing Group, Inc.

Our Company

Vesmach specializes in setting up small to large scale bakeries. Our company offers equipment for the production of a wide range of breads, cakes, Chinese pastries (hopia), steam buns (siopao) and siomai, as well as product solutions for kitchen commissaries.

With our vast experience in various plant setups, our team gives suggestions on how to improve the production process according to your needs, giving you greater production efficiency despite the increasing cost of raw materials and operations.

We provide the Philippines’ food industry a complete line of bakery machines and equipments, in addition to food processing solutions from material handling to packaging.

As a solutions provider, we guarantee successful installations and continued service to our clients, years after their purchase. With this in mind, we can say that Vesmach will really be your partner in growth.

As a company, we believe in integrity. We believe that by sharing what we know, putting our best foot forward and creating long term partnerships with our customers, we can build lasting relationships based on trust. That is why we have lasted for twenty-five years selling reliable equipment and machines.

Make us your partner and let us grow together.

Our Work


More than selling machines and equipment for small to industrial bakeries, Vesmach works with the client to come up with solutions that optimize production and save on cost while making consistent quality products for the consumer.


We discuss the client’s production requirements and recommend solutions based on their demand, capacity and budget.


We visualize the layout and design of the equipment according to the client’s production or manufacturing space.


We install all the equipment as specified in the agreed final layout. We also provide training and support to ensure clients gain machine know-how.


We think of solutions for distinct products to localize and customize machine capability to fit client’s needs.


We offer continued after-sales service from repairs to restoration.

Our Story

JCG Marketing Group, Inc. was incorporated in 1995. It started with a simple interest in the savings that a steamer from Taiwan can give. This steamer saves up to 80% LPG compared to the traditional way of steaming various products. The product “Super Saver Gas Steamer ” was then developed. Over 300 units were soon sold all over the Philippines. Customers who make siopao, siomai, steamed rice, leche flan, ‘tikoy’, lechon kawali, puto, kutsinta, kakanin, ube, mongo beans, noodles, pork bbq, and many more have learned to trust the reliability of the “Super Saver
Gas Steamer. “

Through the years, more and more machines and equipment were added. Focus was initially given to the bakery industry. In 2007, the company started expanding to the Visayas and Mindanao area. The goal was to be a one-stop shop for the needs of bakeries all throughout the Philippines. These include small scale home bakeries to large scale, fully automated bakeries. After 3 years of expanding our reach, we have successfully delivered hundreds of machines all over the country.

In 2008, the Vesmach brand was launched to consolidate all products under one umbrella. This brand signifies the quality that JCG stands for. Now, JCG has become a solutions provider for bakeries and various industries.

For the past decade, we have completed our home bakery and fully automated bakery lines, which serves our clients according to their needs. With the goal of further expanding our client base, we now offer kitchen commissary solutions such as small to big powder systems, meat processors, food service products and ingredients, as well as chillers/freezers, machines for noodles and equipment for liquid/native delicacies.