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Super Flex line


All you need from a roll line. From Rolls to Baguette. From small to large. Line for the production of rolls, stamped bread, finger rolls,
Baguettes. Weight range from 20 to 600 g (0,70 oz to 21,16 oz). Hourly capacity according with the number of pockets of the dividing
head, anyway the Athena Plus/Large works at 42 strokes/min.


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1st moulding station 850 mm with 3 rollers moulder for a gentle sheeting with pressing board or double action driven pressing belt.
2nd moulding station with aligner device and double action driven moulding belt.
3rd moulding station. This make up bench 850 mm wide has 2 pressing plates with side
guides or 2 double action driven pressing plate in order to stretch the baguette as long
as you need.
Moulding System. Curling chain for a soft moulding.
Connection between Athena Plus/Large and the conical rounder ASR with
adjustable truck in order to round dough from 300 to 600 g (10,58 oz to 21,16 oz).
Athena Plus Divider and Rounder “the oil free machine” is equipped with a “STOP STRESS SYSTEM”.
The dough is gently handled thanks to a dosing star system and gently compressed in the portioning
chambers by an adjustable pressure device which permits to get the required weight and treat the
dough with“NO STRESS”.
The electronic version of Athena Plus is with “Touch screen” control panel with 50 setting programs
and PLC for the adjustment of weight, production speed and rounding speed.
Hourly production from 1000 to 2500 pcs/h per row (42 strokes/minute).