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Standard Large Starter’s Kit


• Choose economically. The lifetime durability of the Sealer and the compact Refill rolls with ± 700* closures per set will make you save money and time.
• Choose what you like the most! Combine one of our L-Sealers with 28 Refill Sets ready to get your back.



• A roll of tape (PVC-free) and a roll of paper are already inside the Sealer.
• No need to be assembled, the bag sealing system is fully operative as soon as you take it out of the box.
• Rust-free. Cleaning the Sealer with water or in the dishwasher is completely safe and there is no risk of damage.
• The Sealer opens without efforts and new Refills can be loaded easily.
• The Sealer can pride its resistance to frost, heat, and humid environments.
• Clear lid, you can easily see when you need new Refills.
• With the 12 mm slot, you can easily close all kinds of bags.