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Rotary Rack Oven HS 120L

Rotary Rack Oven
Electric, LPG and Diesel Type
HS 120L

This machine is a type of oven that slowly rotates bakes, breads and cookies with automatic temperature control that gives great texture and taste


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Power 3.5KW, 220 V, 3PH, 40A
Baking Capacity 30 trays 504×740 cm
Controller Type 180°
Dimension L 272 x W 166 x H 243 cm

• High temperature resisting glass-wool imported from Japan. Can resist temperatures up to 600˚C
• Stainless steel chamber wall. See-through double glazedHigh temperature resistant glass door gives clear view of baking operations
• Fully automatic safety alarm and anti-burst system
• Running time of 22 hours a week
• When door is open, the access ramp ascends automatically and the heated air will not leak out. No heat will be loast
• Fully automatic safety alarm and anti-burst system
• Optional Steam