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Icing Machine Cake Coating JSP 2

Icing Machine
Cake Coating

This machine is used for coating surface of round and dome-shaped spongecakes. Filling injection, decoration application of cream.



Power Input 220V, 3 PH, 50/60 HZ, 15A
Pump Capacity 8.1 liters/min (max)
Processing Capability 300 – 500 pcs/hr.
Cake Size #4 (120Ø) to #8 (240Ø)
Hopper Capacity 16 Liters (standard)
Dimension L 43 x W 62 x H 146 cm

• Fully automated coating operation
• You can set-up the touch-sensitive panel screen with your product data, simply select the desired product on the panel to start the coating job
• The coating job completes in just one rotation, and almost no coating material wasted
T• he table shifts horizontally, so you can achieve a beautiful finish
• You can set duration and speed of the table as an auto-rotating platform, ribbed pattern or cream decorations can be applied
• Easy to disassemble and clean
• Compact, space-saving design