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Forked Kneading Machine

FC25, FC35, FC60, FC80

This machine is particularly suitable to make soft doughes. The particular shape of the tool and his bowl allows to get non-warmed up and oxygenated doughes very quickly, for a very high quality of the final product.




Power FC25M: 220V, 60HZ, 1.1KW, 1PH
FC25T: 220V, 60HZ, 1.1KW, 3PH
FC25D: 220V, 60HZ, 0.75/1.1KW, 3PH
Flour Capacity 16 kg
Dough Capacity 25 kg
Bowl Capacity 30 liters
Net Weight 140 kg
Dimension L 560 x W 840 x H 890 mm


Power FC35M: 220V, 60HZ, 1.1KW, 1PH
FC35T: 220V, 60HZ, 1.1KW, 3PH
FC35D: 220V, 60HZ, 0.75/1.1KW, 3PH
Flour Capacity 23 kg
Dough Capacity 35 kg
Bowl Capacity 40 liters
Net Weight 145 kg
Dimension L 590 x W 885 x H 890 mm


Power 220V, 60HZ, 0.9/1.3KW, 3PH
Flour Capacity 40 kg
Dough Capacity 60 kg
Bowl Capacity 70 liters
Net Weight 240 kg
Dimension L 660 x W 1068 x H 1025 mm


Power 220V, 60HZ, 1.1/1.5 KW, 3PH
Flour Capacity 53 kg
Dough Capacity 80 kg
Bowl Capacity 93 liters
Net Weight 290 kg
Dimension L 744 x W 1110 x H 1025 mm

• The steel-bowl, the fork and the tool- holder shaft are made in stainless steel
• The bowl is covered in transparent polycarbonate or fc 25 and 35 models and the grille is made in stainless steel for fc 60 and 80 models
• The chain drive system is made using trapezoidal belts and independent geared speed-reducersfor the bowl and the fork
• The rotating parts are assembled on ball-bearings
• It is avaiable with Monophase or Threephase motor 1 or 2 speed
• The models from 25 to 80 kg will be supplied complete with wheels with brake
• The frame is made in thick stainless steel
• As for the painting, only not-toxic powders suitable for foods were utilized
• The electric system and the safety devices are conform to the european regulations