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Electric Modular Deck Oven

Electric Modular Deck Oven
Rubis Neo 2

This machine is used for cooling the water in dough mixing in order maintain maximum quality whatever the season. Cold water guarantees an optimum temperature during dough mixing which in turn ensures a superior quality of finished product


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Intensity 19,0 A
Net weight: 180 KG
Heating power: 6,6 KW
Electrical power supply: 7,8 KW
Largest motor load: 1.04A @ 240V
Voltage: 208-240V I 3PH + G/ 60-60Hz / TN

Ovens from the RUBIS Style range are designed for use in baking and pastry-making.
Ovens from the RUBIS Style range are electric deck ovens which bake by:
• Conduction at deck level
• Convection and radiation at roof (vault) level