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Continuous Aerator A20 Laboratory Type

Continuous Aerator
A20 Laboratory Type

The machine is used for pre-mixing batter into its main feed tank and pump. Perfect for cake aeration.



Power 220V, 1PH, 60HZ, 120 Watts
Capacity 6-8 liters/hr
Products layer cake, mini roll, cup cake, chiffon cake, Muffin, egg drops, mousse, whipped cream , biscuit cream, etc.

• Mixing head in stainless steel with pins in rotor and stator
• Mixing head stator jacketed for tempering or cooling
• Pneumatic mixing head pressure regulator for pressure control inside the mixing head
• Direct drive for mixing head
• Frequency controlled r.p.m. adjustment of mixing head
• Manual air dosage with mass air flow meter
• All machine settings can be shown on the display
• Operating & display are in inclined position &
all machines settings can be shown on the display
• Can be equipped Seal flushing system for cooling/lubricate the mechanical seal
• All controls and electrical components are mounted inside Cabinet
• Mixer frame made of stainless steel
• All pipes & couplings executed in AISI 304
• 10L Jacketed Buffer tank& mono pump included
• Frequency controlled