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Churros Filling Machine Hand Operated Type

Churros Filling Machine
Hand Operated Type

This machine is used to deposit churros batter to fryer

2, 4 and 5 Liters



2 Liters

Capacity 2 Liters
Net Weight 14 kg
Dimension L 58x W 22 x H 15 cm

4 and 5 Liters

Capacity 4 / 5Liters
Net Weight 30 kg
Dimension L 46 x W 41 x H 21 cm

• Robust and resistant stainless steel industrial machines ideal for low to medium production or as start-up equipment
• Bearing system designed to minimize work effort
• Changeable molds to make different products such as churros, loop churros, hollow churros to be filled, porras, etc
• Available in different sizes, dough extrusion diameters, and optionally with an easy to use cutting system