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Beldos Portioning Machine Belmate 600

Beldos Portioning Machine
Belmate 600

This machine offers a portioning machine with a decogun nozzle and options for injection, layering, decoration of cakes and side icing of cakes



Power None
Air: 20 l/min by 6 impulses/min on pedal;
1,2-5,6 bar / 102 psi
Hopper Capacity 25 liters
Dimension L 730 x W 660 x H max 1400 mm
Net Weight 31 kg

• Flowable products ONLY: liquid/semi-liquid products, soft paste, aerated products
• anything that can be squeezed through a pastry bag
• no particles

• An optional turning table is available; adjust the rotation speed (0-9 rotations/min) and choose the rotation direction; your hands are free to create perfect decorations
• mounted on a mobile heavy duty non-adjustable in height frame;
• the speed of decoration can be easily adjustable
• foot pedal operation: press the foot pedal to fill the product cylinder;decogun operation: press the trigger to start the decoration