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Belcake Advanced Depositor

Beldos Advanced Depositor
Belcake 670

This machine offers versatily for cake production with icing of cake middle layers and top/side icing with range of attachments for depositing, injecting, layering and decorating products


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Power 220V, 60HZ, 1PH, 120W
Air: 121 l/min at 30 deposits/min 7 Bar/102psi
Deposit Speed up to 8 cakes/min, up to 108 deposits/min
Deposit Range 5 – 670 cm3
Icing Speed up to 6 cakes/min
Turntable 320º – 720º
Hopper Capacity 60 liters
Net Weight 88 kg


• liquid/semi-liquid products, soft & heavy paste, aerated products
• anything that can be squeezed through a pastry bag
• depositing: with or without particles (nuts, raisins, pieces of fruit); particle size: max Ø 2,5 cm
• icing: without particles


• an easy-to-use digital display panel; while you are adjusting the speed of the cream coming out of the nozzle (depending on its viscosity), the speed of the turntable is synchronized automatically
• mounted on a mobile frame manually adjustable in heightfor small or tall persons for the most convenient operation and to avoid back pain
• the depositing volume is indicated on a scale from 10% till 100% depending on the product cylinder volume
• the speed of depositing/icing can be easily adjustable
• foot pedal operation or handgun operation; press the foot pedal or the trigger of the handgun once for single portion control or hold for multiple deposits