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Continuous Aerator A100L

Continuous Aerator Mixer

The machine is used for pre-mixing batter into its main feed tank and pump. Perfect for cake aeration.




Continuous Aerator Mixer

Capacity 100L/hr
Products layer cake, mini roll, cup cake, chiffon cake, Muffin, egg drops, mousse, whipped cream , biscuit cream, etc.

Buffer Tank

Power 0.75kW, 3.0A, AC 220V
Speed 122r/min
Allowable Pressure 0~0.2Mpc
Weight 160kg
Volume 100L

Buffer Tank

Allowable Pressure 0~0.2Mpc
Weight 130kg
Volume 200L

Premixing Tank

Power 0.75kW, 3.24A, AC 220V
Speed 375r/min
Feed Range 30~85L
Allowable Pressure 0~0.2ber
Weight 50kg
Volume 60L

Premixing Tank

Power 1.5kW, 6.0A, AC 220V
Speed 85r/min
Feed Range 60~180L
Allowable Pressure 0~2ber
Weight 100kg
Volume 120L

Small to medium sizes bakeries including premixing tank, buffer tank ,continuous aerating system . The machine can be installed independently for easy relocating working place. Machine guarantees special economy, durability, high performance, high quality, easy clean, save labour & place at reasonable prices.

• Mixing head in stainless steel with 600 pins in rotor and stator
• With effective volume 1.2 litres
• Mixing head stator jacketed for tempering or cooling
• Pneumatic mixing head pressure regulator for pressure control inside the mixing head
• Direct drive for mixing head
• Frequency controlled r.p.m. adjustment of mixing head
• Manual air dosage with mass air flow metering tube
• Automatic air dosing & density control system with mass air flow meter
• Programmable operating panel, countersunk and inclined for easy reading, PLC Control
• Graphical display with 5.1” colour touch screen
• All machine settings can be shown on the display
• 1 set of 2 digital temperature read-outs on the display incl. sensors (inlet product temperature, outlet product temperature)
• Operating panel in inclined position & all machines settings can be shown on the display
• Seal flushing system for cooling/lubricate the mechanical seal
• All controls and electrical components are mounted inside Cabinet
• Mixer frame made of stainless steel
• All pipes & couplings executed in AISI 304


The process begins with, all ingredients will be preweighed and set ready for handling at each batter premix batch. After starting the pre-mixer the ingredients will be manually fed into the re-mixer at a rate and sequence as required for the specific recipe. Once the batch is pre-mixed then open the butterfly valve which will feed the whole batch into the buffer tank and close the butterfly valve if empty Now the pre-mixer is ready for next batch.

Directly underneath the buffer tank the main feed pump is placed which will pump the cake batter at the required capacity continuously supply to the mixing head of the aeration system.

The air, synchronised with the main pump, is injected into the mixing head at a rate as set from the control panel. In the mixing head the pins of both the rotor and stator see to it that the air is homogeneously mixed with the cake batter down to the required density and structure. From the mixing head the aerated cake batter is discharged towards the manifold depositing system onto the baking trays or steel band oven or discharge to hopper type depositor for further processing.