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Standard Starter’s Kit


• An economical choice, because of the lifetime durability of the Sealer and the compact Refill rolls with ± 850* closures per set.
• Enjoy Innoseal right away with a kit ready to go.
• Choose your combination of a Standard Sealer with 28 Refill Sets or 84 Refill Sets.



• Pre-loaded, you will receive a sealer already loaded with a roll of tape (PVC-free) and a roll of paper.
• No bother with the assemblage, the whole bag sealing system arrives to you already assembled, so that you do not have to anything but place it where you think it will give the best of itself.
• Rust-free, the sealer is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
• The Sealer opens effortlessly and can be easily reloaded.
• The Sealer can resist frost, heat, and humid environments.
• Dimensions 27 × 31 × 10,4 cm • Weight 2,4 kg
• 6 mm slot.