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Vacuum Tumbler 1000L-3000L

1000 Liters

This machine can save you time on marination. It removes air from the barrel, and pull moisture and marinade to the food’s core. The tumbling motion flips marinade continuosly onto food, massaging it into the meat to produce moist, flavourful product.


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1000 Liters

Power 220V, 3 PH, 60 HZ, 4HP
Pump 63m3/hr (Busch: Germany 3HP(9.9Amp))
Drive Motor Power 2HP (6.6 Amp)
Drum Speed 0-10 rpm (Inverter:2HP YASKAWA )
Drum Efficient Capacity 1000×50% Drum(H) x0.7=350KG MEAT
Drum Diameter Ø1192 x 1400
Effective Tumbling Capacity 400 kg
Dimension L 1555 x W 2089 x H 1680 mm

2000 Liters

Power 220V, 3 PH, 60 HZ
Vacuum Pump 100m3/hr (Busch: Germany) 4HP
Drive Motor Power 5HP
Inverter 5HP(Made in Japan,Brand:Yaskawa)
Ribbon Speed 0-10 rpm
Drum Dimension Ø1500 x 1925mm
Drum Capacity 2000 Liters
Drum Efficient Capacity 2000×50%(drum)x0.7=700Kg (Meat)
Dimension L 1815 x W 2818 x H 2056 mm

3000 Liters

Power 220V, 3 PH, 60 HZ
Vacuum Pump 100m3/hr(Germany Busch) 4HP(3KW)
Drive Motor Power 7.5HP
Drum Variable 0-7rpm
Drum Dimension Ø1490 x 1925mm
Drum Capacity 3000 Liters
Drum Efficient Capacity 3000×50%(Drum)x(0. 7)=1050kg (Meat)
Dimension W1820 x D2820 x H2060mm