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Rotary Rack HS 168

Rotary Rack Oven
Electric, LPG and Diesel Type
HS 168

This machine is a type of oven that slowly rotates bakes, breads and cookies with automatic temperature control that gives great texture and taste


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Power 220V, 65kw, 3PH
Baking Capacity 32 Trays 46x72cm
Blower Speed 3200 rpm
Heat Capacity 50400k cal/h
Gas Pressure 10 kg/cm2
Gas Flow Rate 6 kg/hr
Dimension L 200 x W 210 x H 250 cm

• Oil saving: Features an unmatched burning structure. Compared with competing comestic models, this rotary oven requires the lowest oil consumption.
a.The smoke exhaust for the combustion chamber is designed with downward exhaust through the smoke chute.
b.Superior temperatrue retaining. Heat isolation design.
c.Complete burning. The burner provides mist burning, ensuring diesel burning completely
• Uniform baking color: The hot air in the oven circulates upward/downward and rightward/leftward. Air bolws upward and air suction downward. These are sombined with the rotary table rotation to enable the hot air to circulate rightward and leftward, assuring maximum uniformity of the hot air in the baking chamber
• Easy operation and cleaning: The machine is designes for suspended rotary baing operation. When the oven door is opened, the suspended vracker lowers automatically. When the oven door is closed, the suspended brcaket raises automatically. Operated by mechanical pulling bar for minimum trouble
• Safety: Increased length of smlke exhausr chute effectively increases air draw force. Complere burning, saving on oil consumpton and smooth air exhaust
• Unique hot air circulation makes the machine idesl for baking hamburger buns and sweet bread
• Two-speed blower provides a selection of high/low air speeds to suit various products
• Oven Interior: Completely level base is easy for cleaning. The base can be elevated by a level mechanism
• Ventilation: From upward ventilator openings, cooling air flow directly contacts the bottom of the plates. Therefore, fine and smooth layers on bakery products can be achieved