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Rotary Basket Oven HS 889

Rotary Basket Oven
HS 889

This machine is a type of oven that slowly rotates bakes, breads and cookies with automatic temperature control that gives great texture and taste


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Power 3.38KW, 220V
Baking Capacity 16 Trays 46x72cm or 32 trays 13″x18″
Hourly Oil Consumption 1.9Kl
Gas line presssure low
Dimension L 191 x W 215 x H 220 cm

• Labor saving, high efficiency: Easy to operate. Fast pre-heating
• Fuel saving: Direct fire heating results in high heating efficiency and reaches target temperature faster. flame directly heats the steel plate, which have good conduction and heat retention properties, resulting in evenly baked products; Thick insulation, desired chamber heat is reached and maintained with less energy consumption; Controlled air and gas ratio for complete fuel combustion
• Safety: Automatic ignition system; In case of ignition failure, ignition malfunction alarm will be activated and ignition will be aborted. Air will be purged out of the oven to completely remove gas from the chamber; Low pressure detection alarm prevents interruptions due to fuel shortage
• Compact oven design. Space Saver
• Applicable for baking various products
• Convenient assembly and disassembly