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Professional Sealer Conveyor

Professional Sealer Conveyor

This machine is used for sealing bags using a foot switch incorporated with twin elements (top and bottom) for heavy-duty applications



Power 220V, 60Hz, 3PH, 2.4Kw(electric heater) / 0.75Kw(servo motor)
Sealing Mode Continuous sealing with heated crimp wheel and straight bar end seal
Sealing Style Former, controls film, heat melt
Feeding Method Infeed conveyor
Discharge Method Rubber belt conveyor
Sealing Sides Three sides sealing
Packing Speed (bags/min) 25 -200 (speed capability based packing size and material)
Max. Width of Packing Material (mm) 500
Min. and Max. Packing Length (mm) 120 – 320
Min. and Max. Packing Width (mm) 45 – 200
Min. and Max. Packing Heigth (mm) 9 – 80
Dimension (mm) L 3800 x W 1000 x H 1610
Net Weight 900Kg

• Independent Bottom-sealed and End-sealed temperature controller.
(Japan OMRON temperature Digital Controller)
• Servo Control Package.
• Automatic film Eye-Mark tracking system, reduce empty pack and film waste.