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Mini Bun Line

Oshikiri Mini Bun Line


Speed range 500 – 1,000 doz/hr
(6,000 – 12,000 pcs/hr)
Scaling range 1 – 3.5 oz (28 – 100 g)

Extrusion Bun Divider Model CBD4

  • Stainless steel frame, hopper and tunnel
  • UHMW single feed auger
  • Stainless steel Sine pump for metering provides excellent throughput, service life and little work to dough
  • Individually adjustable UHMW manifolds (Pic.1)
    provide excellent scaling accuracy easy to handle, disassemble and washable transparent covers, digital indicators
  • Rotary cut-off device with motion of proceeding direction (Pic.2)
    provide steadier cutting performance UHMW cut-off knife
    — precise, smooth dividing and replaceable
  • Automatic cleaning system C.I.P
  • Pneumatic pushback for ease of changeover, cleaning and maintenance
  • Venturi type vacuum generator with in-line filter and automatic blow-back in C.I.P mode.
  • Dough catch pan with casters
  • Dough pressure controlled via automatic PID loop
  • Variable speed controls on all drives

Bun Rounder Model CBR4

  • Cantilevered bed structure for easy belt replacement
  • Replaceable stainless steel top plate on the bed
  • UHMW grooved non-stick rounder bars provide beautiful round dough shape (Pic.3)
  • Plunger loaded foot bars— hygienic, easy to replace
  • Hinged rounder bar frame with gas assist
  • Non-stick type rounder belt
  • Side rollers for belt tracking
  • Stainless steel belt scraper
  • Teflon coated kicker roller with independent variable speed drive
  • Variable belt speed with direct drive gear motor
  • Cooling jacket, insulation (Option)

Proofer / Control Model PB4

  • Stainless steel frame construction
  • Sanitary UHMW zigzag board and adjustable lane guides (Pic.4)
  • Pneumatic driven flapper gate
  • Flour sifter with variable speed control
  • Inclined loading zone for more accurate transfer of dough balls into trays
  • Variable tray speed
  • Alarm for looseness of chain tension
  • Dust catch pans for entire chain guides
  • Touch panel view
  • Recipe management of 25 products
  • Flour reclaim system (Option) (Pic.5)
  • Mitsubishi PLC control
  • Mitsubishi AC variable speed inverters
  • Control system automatically sets up the divider drives, proofer synchronization, rounder belt, sheeter rollers, moulder belt, panning conveyor

Sheeter / Moulder / Panner Model MGP1

  • 150mm( 6″) diameter TEFLON sheeting rollers (Pic.6)
  • Polyurethane belt with rough top and no stretch backing
  • Teflon coated panning chute, no touch with pans
  • Mechanical pan indexer (Pic.7)
  • Variable roller speed
  • Variable belt speed
  • Dual lane plastic top chain on the pan conveyor
  • Flour remover (Option) (Pic.8,9)
  • Moulding pressure boards and pneumatic hot dog gate (Option) (Pic.10,11)


New bun make-up system dividing technology creates not only Low cost / High quality / Uniformity of the production, but also food safety against contamination problems. Especially the divider is highly considered on cleaning from a viewpoint of food safety.

All the major components of the divider can be disassembled and are washable for cleaning, besides automatic cleaning. Recipe management of over 20 products and the integrated controls ensure the excellent line performance to efficiently produce soft buns and rolls.

Speed ranges from 6000 – 12000 pcs/hr and with scaling range of 28 – 100 grams