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Noodle Machine CH107

Noodle Machine

This machine is used for restaurant in making the most kinds of noodle skin such as Dumpling skin, Won-ton skin, Sho-mai skin, etc



Power 220V, 2.1HP, 6Hz
Automatic Duster 25W
Capacity 20-45 kg/hr
Mixer Capacity 10 kg/batch
Roller Size 140 x 230 mm
Noodle Width 1.58 x 3.17 mm
Conveyor Size W 27 x L 100 cm
Dimension L 160 x W 70 x H 130 cm
Net Weight 360 kg

• Storage body, main body, barrel body and center axle are made of SUS#304 stainless
• Material of roller: STK41 steel pipe with chromium plate surface
• Machine structure: L Section SUS#304 stainless and cast-iron
• Noodle cut: SUS#304 stainless
• Control speed: control pressing machine speed.
• Automatic noodle length cut
• Conveyor device: automatic conveyor device
• Big wheel for making wheat flour skin