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Multi-Purpose Forming Machine HM 777

Multi-Purpose Forming Machine
HM 777

This machine is a multifunctional encrusting & forming machine, which can make wide variety of products such as Samosa, Ravioli, Pierogi, Dumpling, Gyoza, Empanada, Calzone, Pelmeni …etc by changing different molds





Power 3 phase 220V, 5HP/3.75kW
Size L 1320 x W 600 x H 1640mm
Weight 450kg

Forming Mould List

Shape Weight Lenght Width Capacity
Half-moon 5~180g 15~125mm 15~95mm 1,800~20,000pcs/hr
Triangle 5~100g 40~120mm 30~100mm 3,000~15,000pcs/hr
Square 10~40g 20~60mm 20~60mm 3,000~15,000pcs/hr
Egg Roll 12~250g 30~250mm 20~50mm 3,000~15,000pcs/hr
Circle 10~40g 30~60mm 30~60mm 5,000~15,000pcs/hr

• produce a wide variety of filled food products
• With Computer operation panel and Key Board panel two options
• Evener and smoother flour dropping
• New design for more stable extrusion
• Disassemble filling hopper quickly
• Easy to adjust center position of mould rapidly