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Meat Band Saw Cutting TY25, TY30

Meat Band Saw Cutting
High Speed
TY25, TY30

The machine is used for cutting accurate porioning of meat


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Power 1PH, 220V, 0.75KW
Sawing Length 1650 mm
Cutting Speed 18.9m /sec
Cutting Size W 180 x H 230 mm
Capacity 500-2000 kg/hr
Table L 540 x W 420 mm
Net Weight 50 kg
Dimension L 540 x W 520 x H 940 mm


Power 1PH, 220V,1.5KW
Sawing Length 1980 mm
Cutting Speed 22m /sec
Cutting Size W 200 x H 280 mm
Capacity 800-2000 kg/hr
Table L 540 x W 450 mm
Net Weight 62 kg
Dimension L 540 x W 560 x H 1100 mm

• Made of stainless steel and cast alloy
• Cutting band raised on both sides to prevent the band from falling
• Tension control device is applied to make adjustment easier and facilitate installation