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Horiontal Packaging Semi Electronic Carina 450

Horiontal Packaging
Semi Electronic
Carina 450

This machine is suitable for packaging wide range of food products

Mechanical has one motor machine with electro-mechanical control panel
Semi-Electric has two motors and touch screen panel



Power 220V, 3 PH, 60 HZ
Wrapping Speed 120 RPM
Tape Length 1.5m
Film Reel 450mm (500mm for Carina 500)
Product Height 70/80mm
Maximum Bag Length 350mm
Welder longtitude wheel diameter 120mm
Welder traverse with a knife 240mm
Carpet Output 700mm
Speed 60 pieces/min.
Net Weight 650 kg
Dimension L 3840 x W 1020 x H 1750 mm

Materials heat- type polypropylene, coextruded, laminated, and laminated material for cold welding.

• Machine in right left (contrary to the picture)
• Machine in stainless steel version for particular products or environments
• Photocell for print centering
• Production and best by date or logo
• Pitch change on the feed belt
• Reel plus bracket 500 mm
• Double reel
• Shutters on the product support conveyor belt
• Welders cut across two or more each sealing
• Ribbon through the slats cross welders
• Stop being open with welders
• Opening pneumatic wheels at a standstill
• Punch round hole on the transversal sealing for hole or European (Euroslot)
• Knife Zig-zag
• Punch Needle films
• Alcohol dosing device
• Tape supply length on request
• Wheels under the car

• Main steel structure painted gray RAL 9007 with stainless steel casing
• Tape Length 2.1 meters dendrites
• Engine using an engine with relative frequency converter for speed regulation drive
• Fixed or adjustable trainer on request
• Cantilevered centering reel holder with fine adjustment. Range 450 mm
• Welders two pairs of longitudinal wheel diameter 120 mm
• Welders transverse width 240 mm with a knife
• Disembodied command on the ribbon in through control panel for easy start-up phase of the product
• Torque limiter on the transverse-mount soldering at
• Carpet output length 700 mm
• Discahrge conveyor, 1000mm
• Digital temperature controllers for temperature control
• Complies with current EEC regulations
• Three sets, two with wheel diameter of 120mm and one for folding