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Horizontal Gas Cooker Mixer CS 600GR

Horizontal Gas Cooker Mixer
CS 600GR

This machine is for making Curry, Candy, Sauce, Pre-processed food, Bean Paste, Etc.


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Power 3 Phase, 220V, 3 HP
Motor Driven 90°
Gas Consumption 1 – 3 kg/hr
Gas Pressure 7 PSI
Heat Generated 48000 – 144000 BTU
Max Capacity 480L
Dimension L 250 x W 110 x H 140 cm

• The bowl is tilted to front side automatically, which is convenient to take out product and to clean in side bowl.
• Made by stainless steel so it will meet the sanitary requirement.
• Under the mild steam heating and special designed spiral stirring blades, it makes the well-mixed material moving left and right
• The material will be fully heated. Also, a hand-made mixing effect can be obtained