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Electronic Horizontal Flow-Pack Machine CARINA 500E

Electronic Horizontal Flow-Pack machine
Carina 500E

This machine is designed for bagging of heat-sealable films of the type, any piece of subjects, including food products, bakery, confectionery industry , etc.



Painted steel and stainless steel RAL 9006 | AISI 304
Infeed conveyor 2100mm long (usable loading space 1400mm approx.)
Stainless steel AISI 304 deck plates and side guards
Wheels diameter 120mm
Motion sealing assembly 240mm wide jaws
Independent fin 2 sets
Sealing surface width 12,5mm
Brushless motors 3
Film roll holder 500mm wide
Voltage 400V , 3PH , T+N

Color touch screen with the possibility to store up to
99 working programs