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Custard Cooker CS 250GS Single and Twin Stepless Speed

Custard Cooker
CS 250GS, 250GP

This machine is suitable for cooking custard, jam, bean paste and syrup


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Single Stepless Speed

Power 1/2 HP, 3PH, 220V
Capacity 30 Liters
Rotation (Hand-driven) 90°
Dimension L 90 x W 80 x H 166 cm
Net Weight 300Kg

Double Stepless Speed

Power 1 HP, 3PH, 220V
Capacity 50 Liters
Rotation (Hand-driven) 90°
Dimension L 111 x W 120 x H 174 cm
Net Weight 423Kg

• Heating by gas or electrical power system
• Equipped with the electrical ignition system and automatic safety
• Its body is builded by the multi-layered heat insulation and heat preservation design
• The stirrer at the bottom will prevent the product over heated
• 4F Teflon Stirrer Blade • Single Layered Stainless Steel Bowl