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Conveyorized Oven HY521

Conveyorized Oven

This machine is a chamber for continuous heating, perfect for cooking pizzas


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Power 220V
Grill Dimension 410×550 mm
Dimension W 560 x L 590 x390 mm
Net Weight 25Kg.

• Exclusively apply electronic temperature micro adjustment. The top and bottom can be adjusted respectively. Besides, it can be kept at constant temperature. To match the electronic speed adjustment motor, the toast can be roasted to best golden color and crispness.
• The readymade toast can be output from front or back outlet to let the flow and work site to get the best match. (It can be Paced horizontally or vertically)
• It has precise and dependable design.
• It can be used for long and
continuous use, small volume, not taKing too much space. It may
replace many sets of oven and toaster.