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CFI Cooling Working Tables

Cooling Working Tables

The TPC 30 are refrigerated working tables, with static positive refrigeration, designed
to receive 400x600mm trays or grids. They exist in built-in refrigerating unit version
(GL) and in remote refrigerating unit version (GD).



Size of supports 400 x 600
Support entry direction 400
Number of supports per level 1
Total number of supports 33
Number of doors 3
Number of levels 11 per door
Spacing out of levels 50 mm
Adjustable every 50 mm
Level depth 600
Refrigerating unit 1/3 CV
Refrigerating capacity at -15°C 0,6 kW
Fluid R448A
Voltage 220-240V~IPH+N+T
Frequency 50 Hz
Connecting electrical power 0,52 kW
Connection 4 A
Stainless steel top (1700×885) paying option
Stainless steel back guard (1700) paying option
Granite top (1700×885) paying option
Granite back guard 20mm thick (1700) paying option
Packing (LxPxH) 2350 x 1010 x 1090 mm
Net weight 250 kg