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Carton Sealer


This case sealer is adjusted manually by crank handle for different sizes of cartons.



Function Side belt driven
Power Supply 1 phase, 110V/220V/240V
Tope Width 2″ or 3″
2″ Tope Sealing size LI 50-oomm, W110-500mm,Hl 10-500mm
3″ Tape Sealing size  LI 50-Mmm: W135-500mm:Hl 10-500mm
Tape overlap L60+5 (mm) standard
Working table height 570-770mm
Conveyor Speed 20M/min
Capacity 30 cases/per min. depending on box size and operator efficiency.
Machine dimension LI 250xW960xHl 420mm

• Side belt driven
• Adjusted manually for uniform or different box sizes by crank handle
• High speed & durable tapping head
• Locking casters as standard accessory
• Dual telescoping mast with cushion
• Both side compression rollers
• Stainless roller table
• Easy operation and easy maintenance.
• 100% Made in Taiwan Valued Quality