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Rotating Rack Oven QUASAR TOP

Rotating Rack Oven

Oven suitable for various types of production for bakeries and pastry workshops.



Type of tray 80×90, 80×100, 81×92, 65×110, 76×93, 75×100, 75×90, 2x46x76, 2x45x65, 2x50x70, 2x45x75, 2x50x60cm
Dimension L 1690 x H1 2200 x H2 2540 x P 2230mm
Weight 1500kg
Rack Rotation Diameter 1280mm
Burner 104kW, 90 Kcal/h
Motor 3kW

• Inside of baking chamber and front part in stainless steel for a longer life.
• The floor is designed for a better rack movement and for an easy cleaning.
• High-power insulation. Control panel board of very easy reading and use, with 24 Volt functions.
• Door furnished with high thickness glass granting a higher strength against thermal shocks, a better insulation and a wide surface for easy visual inspection of the product during baking.