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Dorayaki Machine HY909

Dorayaki Machine

This machines is used for cooking dorayaki, a pancake-like patties



Power 220v, 25W
Capacity 7L, 1-100 pcs/hr
Temperature 300° C (max)
Puff Stuffing Dimension L 230 x W 45 x H 65 cm
Dimension L 65 x W 65 x H 36 cm
Net Weight 110 kg

• Give the computer the measure that the filler need which depend on the size we bake.
• Micro computerized thermostat can control top and bottom temperature respectively.
• Electronic non-break speed controller according to the baking stuff.
• Automatical filling finished the baking in one step and gets the same good quoalty.
• Use superior at heat keeping thick red copper revolving plate you can make the cake with all the same quality and the highest.