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Liquid Filling Machine Table-Top CQ100

Liquid Filling Machine

This machine is application for filling high viscosity liquid, high density liquid, semi-solid and liquid containing granule.



Compressor Power 2 HP
Theoritical Pump-out 150cc/1 sec. , 3-40 times/min
Filling Accuracy + 2%
Granularity Permitted 6mm
Viscosity Capacity 3000 pcs (min) – 500000 pcs (max)
Hopper 50L
Resists High Temp 150°C
Filling Amount 25-5000cc/filling
Net Weight 46 kg
Dimension L 108 x W 52 x H 103 cm

• Stainless stel material, allowing for health rate construction
• The filling amount can be changed by digital control directly
• The filling speed can be set according to the requirements
Simple design for quick and easy clean-up
• There is no dropping or leaking during the process of filling
• Can be conducted manually and several machines can be connected for simultaneous automatic filling operations
• Foot operated starter switch