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Band Sealer Vertical type SY M905

Band Sealer
Vertical type
SY M905

This machine heats any sealable material through a higher degree of seal contamination



Power 220V, 1Phase, 60hz
Speed 2-6M/min.
Sealing Temperature up to 400C
Sealing Width 5 mm for PE, PP; 10 mm for other
Loading Width 5 kg
Bag Size L400m/m, W400m/m
Converyor Width 200m/m
Height Range 500mm
Loading Weight 20Kg.
Bag Thickness 0.06-0.5m/m
Net Weight 100Kg
Dimension L 153 x W 64 x H 141 cm

• Convetor height is adjustable
• Sealing head height is fixed