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Conveyorized Oven HY515

Conveyorized Oven

This machine is a chamber for continuous heating, perfect for cooking pizzas


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Power 220V
Grill Dimension 270×480 mm
Dimension W 410 x L 570 x370 mm
Net Weight 18Kg.

• Automatical transportation. The speed is adjustable according to the character of goods so it is impossible to be under-cook or over-cook. It is easy to operate and increase working effectiveness.
• It can increase the heat temperature to 400° at a very short time so it offers a immedicately-cook function.
• Infra-red ray has the heat-through function. Each kind of goods can be cook well without turnover.
• Open and raw roast method. The roasting process can be monitored easily and keep the nature taste of goods without dried up.