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Electrode Proofer for Room

Lian Proofer Room

This machine is used for final raising of dough in a controlled temperature.


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Power 220V, 3ph, 6.5kw
Room Capacity 3-5 racks
Rack Size 520x730x1780 mm (18 trays/rack)
Max Tray Size 460×720 mm
Humidity 75-85% RH, 25-42°C
Net Weight 30 kg
Dimensions L 520 x W 250 x H 1850 mm


  •  Based on electrode type system, it is able to produce the most finest water molecule, and it can avoid the defect of bulky water molecule as normal main proofers do.
  • Stable durable control system, will not affect by weather season, it is suitable for application of industrial, factory and central kitchen center of chain stores
  • One set electrode proofer main unit is able to offer the perfect fermentation processing for 3~6 big trolleys at the same time.