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Tunnel Oven

Tunnel Oven

This machine is Ideal for baking breads, cakes, Chinese pastries, cookies and other bakery products


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2 Pans Crossfeeding
Pan Type Source Pan Width Chamber Width
40x60 2 pan Electric 1400 mm 2050 mm
Gas 1400 mm 2200 mm
3 Pans Crossfeeding
40x60 3 pan Electric 2000 mm 2650 mm
Gas 2000 mm 2800 mm
4 Pans Crossfeeding
40x60 4 pan Electric 2600 mm 3250 mm
Gas 2600 mm 3400 mm
5 Pans Crossfeeding
40x60 5 pan Electric 3200 mm 3850 mm
Gas 3200 mm 4000 mm
6 Pans Crossfeeding
40x60 6 pan Electric 3800 mm 4450 mm
Gas 3800 mm 4600 mm
4 Hamburger Pans Crossfeeding
60x50 4 pan Electric 2200 mm 287 mm
Gas 2200 mm 3020 mm


• Uses Japanese technology proven for more than 30 years developed through brilliant research and development
• First in China to use air and gas ratio control that greatly improves safety factor
• Uses leading components for its safety control system
• Furnace uses high quality steel that is strong and thick which prevents deformation
• Complete combustion lessens energy cost (LPG or Natural Gas)
• Able to bake a wide range of baked products that results to moist and better mouth feel
• Can be used for single product production lines such as cakes, cookies, Chinese pastries, loaf bread, hamburger buns, sweet bread, etc.
• Choice of energy source (electric, LPG, Natural Gas) and customized length can be done based on customer’s specification and requirement
• Air circulation system for targeted even baking