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Cookie & Cake Depositor CP550S

CP550S 1st GEN

This machine is used for depositing cookies like egg cookies, meringue, pasencia, choco crinkles, lengua de gato, ube bar, double body, butter cookies, and more. Also used for cakes like chiffon, sponge, butter cake toasted mamon, bañadas, kababayan, muffin and more in different types of baking pan




Power 1.2 KW, 220V, 1 PH
No. of pieces estimated 8″ Round Cake (800 pcs/hr), Cup Cake 4×6 (4000 pcs/hr)
Square Cake, 60×40cm (300 trays/hr), Puff 4×6(4000 pcs/hr)
Air Pressure 50 psi (regulated)
Volume of Hopper Cake: 60L / Cookie: 25L
Depositor Amount 5c.c Up
Memory 20 products
Pan Size Width 46 cm
Net Weight 350 kg
Dimension L 155 × W 93 × H 140 cm