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Water Chiller BKL 200 ICE IMS Heavy Duty

Baktec Water Chiller
BKL 200 ICE IMS / BKL 200 ICE IMS Heavy Duty

This machine is used for cooling the water in dough mixing in order maintain maximum quality whatever the season. Cold water guarantees an optimum temperature during dough mixing which in turn ensures a superior quality of finished product


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Power 220V, 60HZ, 30W
Capacity 40 – 150 liters/hr
Temperature with one unit 1.5ºC – 3ºC
Cooling Capacity 1191 W
Ice Mass 40kg.
Speed (depending on water pressure) 12 – 20L/min
Water Pressure 1 – 5kg/cm2
Water Inlet Diameter R 1/2
Net Water Bath Content 72 Liters
Net Weight 71 kg
Dimension L 50 x W 50 x H 86 cm

• Stainless steel evaporator coil and cooling spiral

BKL 200 ICE IMS Heavy Duty

Capacity 40 – 200 liters/hr
Temperature 1 unit 1°C – 2.5°C
Dimension 50x90x50 cm
Compressor 3/4 Pk/ 26cc / Cooling Capacity: 1639W**

• Chilled water cannot be contaminated, as with this closed system the water is not in contact with open air
• Outlet temperature remains stable, without major fluctuations, which improves the dough quality
• Equipped with a digital
• Ice Mass Sensor (IMS) allowing optimum control over the accumulation of ice and maximum continuity
• Water spirals cannot freeze in