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Alfalfa Sprouting Machine MACHINE NAME:
Spinning Alfalfa Sprouting Machine MODEL: FE003003

This machine cooks soya milk and sauces with automatic cooking temperature system and gas flame guarding system
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Power 220V, 1PH, 1/4HP (optional 1/2 HP Pump)
Capacity 20KG/Barrel
Net Weight 250 kg
Dimension L 2272 x W 1603 x H 2390 mm
• Setting for automatic water supply system and the spin cycle.The automatic control mechanlzation and water supply system can enhance the good.Rate and the multiple of production.
• The mechanism creates a perfect growing environment and increase production quality and quantity.
• Automatic spray system will save labor cost.
• Spin mechanism prevents sprouts rotting caused of soaked in still water.
• No need any chemicals to fertilize sprouts.The growing environmentIs not influenced by other possible pollutions from soil.
• With ventilationopening and fan design provide better temperature control mechanism
• Water sprinkling system ensured water properly
• Optional accessories includes pump, filter, strainer and harvest barrel
Temperature can reach about 22°C - 25°C; HUmidity is 85-100%; Flterred water with PH 7.0 (neutral)
Period is about 4-5 days; Yield ration 6-12 times; Spin sequence 0.5-2 times an hour (adjustable)
• Using indoor and prevent from other electronic wave sensitive product
• Work with standard water quality, well draining and ventilating designed environment, prevent from high temperature
• Cleaning after use to sanitize the germinating environment
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