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Steamer MODEL:
"Super Saver" Steamer
with Automatic Water & Control Temperature
CHA 1, CHA 2 and CHA 6

This machine is for various steamed products like siopao, siomai, longanissa, vegetables, etc.

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Power 220V, 1PH, 60HZ
Number of Layers 10
Tray Size 42x42x5 (perforrated trays & trolley set)
Temperature 10mis max to reach boiling point
Gas Pressure 10 psi with high pressure LPG fired and burner
Dimension L 66 x W 65 x 150 cm
Number of Layers 13
Tray Size 48.8x48.8x5.4 (perforrated trays & trolley set)
Gas Pressure 30 psi with high pressure LPG fired and burner
Dimension L 71 x W 80 x 170 cm
Number of Layers 13
Tray Size 61x61x5.4 (perforrated trays & trolley set)
Gas Pressure 10 psi with high pressure LPG fired and burner
Dimension L 84 x W 86 x 170 cm

Redesigned basin - The redesigned basin makes the boiling of water faster and protects the stainless from wear and tear. This leads to significant additional savings in LPG consumption.

Automatic control of fire - The control uses a thermo controller to detect the set temperature and automatically lowering the flame of the burner to maintain the temperature all throughout the steaming time of the product. This leads to consistent product and steaming time.

Redesigned back tank - The back tank which uses the excess heat from the burner to boil the water inside the tank. The purpose of this is whenever the water enters the basin the water is already boiling making recovery time very fast.

Automatic water inlet - Without using electricity, the water can feed automatically the back tank. This eliminates problem of running out of water in the basin or back tank which leads to leaks.

Gasket Guard - The gasket guard secures the gasket in place. It also protects the gasket from breaking during trolley loading and unloading. This can ensure longevity of gasket life therefore reducing over all maintenance costs.

No wet product if perforated trays are used. The side wall and top wall of the chambers are heated with dry heat using the same heat generated from the burner. This makes the side chamber wall continuously heated and therefore whenever steam touches the side walls it vaporizes the water again. This prevents condensation

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