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Delfin Packaging Machines
Horizontal Packaging Mercury 1150L
Packaging Machine
Vacuum Type
Mercury 1150L
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This machine is suitable for packaging fresh meat and cured

• Automatic packaging machine for storage in a bag Vacuum or protective atmosphere (vacuum + gas) of a wide range of products with different sizes.
• Made of stainless Steel, can be synchronized with shrink tunnel
• Performs up to 3 cycles in two minutes. u
• Use flexible bags made ​​of PP shrinkable, multilayer and aluminum; welding biattiva series.
• Easy to clean and use
• Can be equipped with brome grass, cutting blade, and vacs and the ideal choice for activity with medium to high production

Fresh Meat and Cured Pack
Horizontal Packaging Bravo 150/2T
Packaging Machine
Thermo Sealer
Bravo 150/2T
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This machine is suitable for packaging fresh and frozen fish products

• Thermosealer auto mechanics and innovative reliable to seal or packaged in a protective atmosphere ( vacuum + gas ) .
• Made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum
• Features two rooms that allow the use of two thus producing molds up to 40 packs per minute; exchange mold in just 5 minutes.
• Use preformed trays in PP/C- P6T/P6/A-PET , saldatole cardboard , aluminum and produces packaging type " stcin ."
• Ideal for business with high production

Fresh and frozen fish products
Packaging TD850
Auto Wrapping Packaging

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This machine is suitable for packaging steam buns like siopao and siomai products
Power 220V, 60Hz, 3HPp, 1PH, Heater (2.4Kw)
Packing Speed 10 - 100ppm depending on size & material
Max. Width of Packing Material 850 mm
Packaging Size (Maximum) L 420 x W 400 x H 150 mm
Net Weight 1650 kg
Dimension L 5950 x W 1500 x H 2000 mm

Capable of wrapping endless different products in the food and non-food sectors.

Solid materials can be packed together such as Steamed Pie, Steamed Dumpling, Instant Noodle, Ice-Bar etc.

• Ergonomic design, elegant and rational, simple yet sturdy construction
• Easy cleaning, suitable for food manufacturer
• Independent Bottom-sealed and End-sealed temperature controller (Japan OMRON temperature Digital Controller)
• Servo Control Package.
• Easy to operate, packing size can be modified
• Independent End-sealed cutting position adjustment. Prevent cutting out of position product.
• Control Knob Operator Interface: Number-Pad and Push Button Styles Control Panel; Easy and quick length setting; Fault Display & Warning Message will be displayed by code if there is any operation error
• All surfaces in contact with product and machine cover are stainless steel.
• Sanitary Modular Design.
• Automatic film Eye-Mark tracking system, reduce empty pack and film waste.
CPP, PP Waterproof Film, PE-Lamination Cellophane opp+pe, PET+PE
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